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Overwatch Provides Security Services to Fit Your Needs

Overwatch offers a full range of services to our clients in the contract security industry. It is our mission at Overwatch is to change the way the industry views and interacts with security specialists. Our highly professional, uniformed officers are thoroughly screened to ensure quality above and beyond the industry standard. We utilize cutting-edge technology, which ensures our clients are getting the service they expect. 

Our officers are the backbone of the company. We hold them to a higher standard than most. Military veterans and First Responders are encouraged to apply and are fast-tracked through our application process. We believe in putting our heroes to work! Armed and unarmed uniformed or discrete officers are available for both long and short term assignments.  Whether you need one security guard at a reception desk, or a team of security officers to monitor your network of warehouses, Overwatch can provide the appropriate on-site guarding security services you need with the ease and efficiency you desire. Our services can be tailored to fit your company’s needs.

Overwatch Security Group

What We Offer

Security Services

We take a personalized approach to fully understanding your business security needs, which starts with understanding your culture, mission, and values. We then work together to  create a security solution that meets your needs and budget. The result is a customized, proactive security solution that gives you the freedom to create, produce and innovate with your core business.

Law Enforcement

  • Conferences
  • Live Events
  • Volatile Scenarios
  • Traffic management

Posted Officers

  • Business Offices
  • Retail Locations
  • Multi-Family
  • HOA’s
  • Construction

Mobile Patrol

  • HOA’s
  • Multi-Family
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Universities
  • Medical Campuses
  • Construction

Professional Protection Services

The higher the profile of your business, the higher the likelihood that someone out there may choose to take umbrage with one of your business practices, something you said, the causes you support, or the color of the CEO’s tie, etc. Whether or not these objections are justified, it’s usually the CEO, president, or other executives that face the brunt of the backlash. The backlash can be a strongly worded letter, a peaceful protest outside of your building, someone screaming through a bullhorn, a pie in the face, or even a physical attack. We will thoroughly evaluate the threat level and provide you with an assessment and protection plan. Once this plan meets your approval, the protection plan will be fully implemented.

  • Corporate Executives
  • Public Figures
  • VIP’s & Celebrities
Overwatch Security Group
Overwatch Security Group

Professional Security Services

Overwatch Security Group provides 24-hour or as-needed armed security coverage for your every need. Most of our specialists have military, law enforcement, firefighter, and/or paramedic backgrounds. We realize that not all incidents can be foreseen, so we are available for you at any given hour for your security needs. Overwatch has the ability to place armed protection teams in your buildings before, during, and after natural disasters; terrorist attacks, and civil unrest to protect your property, minimize your losses, and reduce your liability. Because of the background of our security specialists, we are not your typical “observe and report” security company. We attempt to resolve issues that arise while providing security for your property.

  • Employee Terminations
  • High-Risk Situations
  • Threats of Violence

Secure Transport

Overwatch Security Group can provide you with armed and discrete protection for you and your valuable assets. We will escort you or pick up the item(s) that you need safely and securely taken to another location in the United States and worldwide. Our specialists have extensive backgrounds ensuring your valuable items arrive safely at your destination.

  • Jewelry Shows
  • Sensitive Documents
  • Financial Assets
  • Personal Protection
Overwatch Security Group

Disaster and Emergency Response

We organize teams of specially selected, thoroughly trained security officers to sites affected by natural and man-made disasters to provide crowd control, conduct extensive security patrols, and prevent looting, often in unsafe and erratic situations. Our security officer training produces teams that partner effortlessly with first responders, emergency personnel, government officials, and other stakeholders to protect life and property.

  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Tornado’s
  • Wild Fires
  • Tsunamis
  • Earth Quakes
  • Power Outages
  • Tropical Storms

Security Consulting

Overwatch Security Group can provide an in-depth analysis of your security needs. We will conduct a thorough risk and needs assessment of your critical infrastructure and provide the best-recommended solution to protect against threats and vulnerabilities for your security needs and peace of mind.

Cameras and Alarm Monitoring

We believe in high-quality products and installations that provide customers with the best solutions for their homes or business. Our High Definition surveillance systems capture crystal clear images of criminals in the act, providing law enforcement with crucial evidence to help track down and prosecute those criminals. Because our staff is deeply rooted in the law enforcement family, we understand the real need for quality surveillance. We will always work to build a system to fit your needs, within your budget, and without compromising quality just to make a sale!

For the highest level of protection for you and your family, we also offer intrusion alarm installation and monitoring. With the latest in alarm and home automation integration, you can control your alarm system through your smartphone and so much more!

Most of our surveillance and security products carry a 3-year manufacturer warranty and since we only use authorized distributors, you can be sure that the warranty will be honored by the manufacturer.

We can also help secure your property with access control and provide a complete cabling infrastructure. Texas DPS License # B19773 Alarm Company – Electronic Access Company -Security Consultant Company

Private investigations

  • Infidelity Cheating
  • Missing Persons
  • Fraud Investigations & Workman Compensation
  • Surveillance
  • Assets Location
  • Child Custody
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