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Company Overview

Our excellence starts with our local leadership and local presence.  Our management professionals have decades of law enforcement experience. With over 30 combined years of experience in the security industry and over 50 combined years in management positions. We take pride in our extensive knowledge in a range of specialty sectors such as education, healthcare, retail, commercial real estate, government and corporate campuses, etc. 

Overwatch has taken a unique approach to the security industry. Our approach involves a proactive theory of working with well-groomed, exceptionally trained, and dedicated professionals. The quality and level of service we bring to your environment begin long before you see us.

We hire the best employees and provide continued training to make sure they are up to speed on the latest techniques in security, including advances in technology. In addition to the mandated certification courses, Overwatch’s personnel receive extensive training on our client’s specific needs to further enhance the protection we can provide to you.

Our management team is available to you around the clock for your convenience and has full authority to make all needed supervisory decisions for Overwatch. Overwatch maintains a philosophy that in order to retain the highest quality professional personnel in the industry, we must compensate them for their qualifications. Our costing structure provides for a well-paid protection professional and a conservative ratio for our clients.

We believe there is no greater purpose than serving and safeguarding customers, communities and people in today’s world.

Overwatch Security Group

Our Dedicated Management Team




 With a background in law enforcement and military service. He  earned his first license as an armed security officer in the early 90s. He can use his extensive knowledge to assist any of our clients. He is also well respected as an Operations Manager and General Manager.


Director Of Business Development


Our business development director is responsible for growing our company's business, increasing its revenue, finding new business opportunities, and building our company's brand

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Vice President in charge of Operations


After a long, and successful career in the service industry as a General Manager before transitioning to the Security industry. He puts his business analytical tactics to work to ensure the safety of our clients. He believes no one should feel unsafe at work or at home.

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Sales Executive

Our  sales executive is responsible for helping build up our business by identifying new business prospects and selling  our services to them. 



Director of Medical Safety


Working in the ER / Medical field since the early '90s and is our go-to talented medical expert to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and staff!





Office Manager

Our office manager is responsible for organizing all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of our office.

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Law Enforcement Coordinator

A current licensed peace officer with decades of experience , he is our go to expert on coordinating with local LE agency's and off duty officers.






Roving Field Supervisor

Our field supervisors manage and oversee the performance of the field officers on all of our projects,

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